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                      Dr. Ma was honorably chosen as the soft environment construction supervisor of Zhongshan District

                      CIMM Group, chairman and president of Dr. Ma Shujun was honorably chosen as the soft environment construction supervisor of Zhongshan District, Dalian.

                      On April 23, 2012, Chairman Sun of the CPPCC leads director Pan, Director Cai of Commercial & Trade Bureau in Zhongshan District and the Community Secretary of Renmin Road to visit our company. On behalf of Zhongshan District Party committee, government, National People's Congress, CPPCC and Zhongshan District soft environment construction leading group, they awarded the Honor Certificate to our group chairman Dr. Ma as "soft environment construction supervisor of Zhongshan District ".
                      After awarding the certificate to Dr.Ma , Chairman Sun delivered an important speech. He said: CIMM Group is a large enterprise group in our district. In recent years, CIMM Group implemented the development strategy of "Going global "under the leadership of Dr. Ma and has achieved very impressive results in business by overcoming the world financial crisis, expanding international project contracting and developing international trade which promoted the economic development of our region and Dalian City, promoted harmony and stability of employment and society. It fully demonstrated the high recognition by district committee, government, National People's Congress, Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference of Dalian city to CIMM Group and Dr. Ma by appointing him as soft environment construction supervisor.

                      The so-called soft environment construction means: each government department in the district shall provide various services to enterprises consciously and deliver the government services to the enterprise. The supervisor's duty is to oversee the attitude and effectiveness of various services provided by each departments of district government for the work of enterprises. Through the work of supervising and inspecting conducted by the soft environment construction supervisor, it will promote the undertaking of each work of our district government and obtain the expected results of the work in soft environment building year.

                      On behalf of CIMM Group, Director Cai expressed the thanks to district committee, government, CPPCC and the NPC of Dalian city for the importance attached to CIMM Group and the appointment to Dr. Ma. Although Dr. Ma was away on his business, we will inform him the care to CIMM Group and the trust to him given by each leader. CIMM Group determined to perform well in the main business of project construction and international trade and make a greater contribution to economic development of Zhongshan District.                                       
                      Reporter: Dong Ming
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